Advertising question/ switching from lawncare to landscaping.

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Somthinrandm, May 11, 2010.

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    Ok so im used to advertising for the normal lawn care work, I think its a different playing ground, you get as many lawns as you can do in one week, and then stop advertising and its the same routine the whole season. but being that i have a degree in landscape horticulture i wanted to break away from the lawn care that i did in highschool and some in college and move into doing more bigger scale landscape jobs.

    How do you advertise for getting landscape jobs? I mean fliers on mailboxes are only getting me more lawn care jobs, its good money but eventually I want to be working all week on landscapes other than mulch beds, and plant 8 bushes. ITs easy to go around a neighborhood and tell who is having trouble cutting their lawn, but you can't leave a flier reading "your yard looks like crap you need some serious landscaping so give me a call" they probably won't be calling you. Im looking to do some patios, rockwalls, and planting front yards. But its summer and I, like everyone else, want to be working constantly. so im scared to drop my lawn clients. and not have any landscapes to do?
    am i going about this with the wrong idea. A month ago I had a lawn care client a who just got his yard totally redone without me knowing Until i came to cut the grass as usual and found a whole new front yard. I mean good for the comp. but when i asked him why he didn't ask me to give him a quote after he knows I do landscapes and lawncare, he replied with "oh well you're just the lawn guy, but you do a damn good job"

    Any thoughts?
    thanks to all!!
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    First, realize that most landscape construction jobs are a result of a property changing hands, new construction, alterations to the home, or some kind of repair (septic system, storm damage, ..) rather than just because the property looks like hell. Random marketing is wasted marketing in my opinion.

    Look for home sales in the newspaper or your county registry of deeds (public information), look for additions being constructed , or repairs being made. Names and addresses (if second home) are pretty easy to get either from local assessor's web pages or county deed recording information which is often on line as well.

    Timing is everything. You have to hit them at the time that they are in need or you are just another piece of junk mail or commercial.

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