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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by M. Petersen, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. M. Petersen

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    hey everyone this is my first post so bear with me. I've been in buisiness for 7 years, I live in a small town(800) which most of my accounts are in. However I would liketo get some accounts in a nearby town. Any suggestiuons would be greatly appriciated. I tried an ad in the local paper with minimal results(maybe a little early) I'm not big on the idea of going door to door. I thought about mailing flyers to random people in a consentrated area is this acceptable?
  2. Dunlaps LawnCare

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    flyers or post cards to that area.
  3. ALC-GregH

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    the best thing to do is do a "search" on this site. I've seem a dozen threads about advertising.
  4. lawnpro724

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    If you want to make some money this is starting out to be a bad year. I thought this was going to be a good year since I picked up several landscaping jobs but now over half of them cancelled since they got some new guys who are just starting out to do the work for almost half of what I quoted. I asked them whether or not they had insurance, workers comp and paid unemployment insurance, their answer was he is just starting out. People are stupid and lowballers rule this year. I'm sure things will get better as time goes on since most of the lowballers after working for nothing will either raise their rates or get out all together. Have you tried yellow pages? They work pretty good in smaller communities. Flyers and doorhangers work good for targeting specific areas that you want to work in. Good luck this season.
  5. chrisludwig

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    M. Petersen,

    4x6 postcards only cost $0.22 to mail. You can send them to whoever you want.
    Door hangers are good since you can write on there a "curbside" estimate, which people usually like and it saves them a step in calling you for general pricing.
    You can then fine tune the estimate when you walk the whole property.

    1,000 4x6 postcards full color both sides, heavy 14pt stock with full UV coating on the front (makes it shiny) only $125.

    Good luck with growing the business. If I can help anymore send me a PM.
  6. A to Z lawn care

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    i know u said that ur not about going door to door but that is what you have to do... i may only be 13 but ive had alot of expeirience with it last year i passed out 600+ flyers and only got 3 callbacks. but i tried something new this year. i whent door to door with business cards and talked to them and let them get to know me ect. and gavev them a free estimate. in 1 day we picked up 15 jobs.... so.... you got to do what you got to do.
  7. Jb3NH

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    I feel you man.. I'm all about marketing on a razor thin budget. Over the winter i taught myself website design i myself am in a highly competitive savvy market. For you, maybe try just going door to door. A smile and short professional conversation and a 'thank you for your time' goes a long way. Nice long sleved shirt, clean up your truck and let those potential customers know your a serious about lawn care. Good luck man, but ya know, its really not as bad as you might think.. You might meet some great people along the way.
  8. M. Petersen

    M. Petersen LawnSite Member
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    hey guys thanks for the advice. I think I'll mail out a few flyers and hang a few in local buisinesses. I'm new at advertising, 95% of my work has been by word of mouth. thanks again.
  9. Ed Ryder

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    Okay, here you go...

    You make a big sign that says "Will cut grass for food" and you stand with the sign at the entrance to the neighborhood you want to get customers in. Have your truck and equipment there so they know you're not a homeless bum. Smile and wave to the people.

    When people stop to find out what's going on, you develop your rapport. Give them your real marketing piece and try to get a commitment for an invitation to price their lawn.

    If possible, you also invite the local newspaper to send a photo journalist down to do a story on your unusual marketing approach.

    :laugh: It might work! Maybe it will be easier than going door to door?
  10. M. Petersen

    M. Petersen LawnSite Member
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    you sound like a man speaking from experiance ed.

    hey, one more dumb question for you guys. when you mail out postcards flyers ect. do you hand wright adresses on them or what.

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