Advertising special - or giving away the house?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by RonWin, Jan 29, 2014.


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    I would say you could offer one free mow when they sign up for weekly lawn maintenance starting in the spring of 2014.if your season is 26 weeks they would have to sign up for 26 weeks in order to get the free week . You could also offer one free yard of mulch with 10 yard installs(with that kind of yardage we can charge enough to not lose any money).Just my 2 pennies good luck!
  2. RonWin

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    doesn't look like ill be offering free spring clean ups. lol
  3. Tuttled

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    good man, just do a step above quality work with fair pricing and great customer service and all will work out!
  4. Tuttled

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    Sounds good! especially the low balling part!
  5. JimsLocalLawn

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    Why not just work the spring cleanup price in the weekly mowing estimate and SELL them on the FREE cleanup!
  6. panacea714

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    The problem, as previously mentioned, is that current, well established customer may catch wind and get soured or worse, demand the same!

    Sounds like an endless domino effect. I would focus on your marketing strategy on different levels.

    - Targeting locations (demographic/logistic targeting)
    - Media (identify appropriate sources, print, phone book, local paper?) ps...I THINK THESE ALL BLOW!!!!!!
    - Product Enhancement (better logo, tagline, graphics, different message vehicles, etc..)
    - Reduction of Past Expenditures (you've had a winner in ROI, now how do you reduce your price?)

    Aside from marketing, can you identify inefficiencies in your service delivery for 2013? If so, what do you need to adjust, buy, stop doing, start doing, etc??? Increasing your margins is a multifaceted endevour.

    Dig deep, now's the time its freakin cold!!!!!!!
  7. tonygreek

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    While a great, feel good, notion, this does not allow him to "grow substantially this season". People on here like to hammer the notion of "don't give away your work", but if that promotion is legitimately looked at as the cost to acquire a customer, as any other marketing is, there is no problem with it. If there is any issue with "giving away" a Spring Cleanup, it should be that you should never front-load a promo and that a cleanup is, in this situation, likely a high cost to acquire a customer. If you view it only through the lens of "giving away work", you're missing the bigger, long-term picture.
  8. 32vld

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    The ROI on advertising is important.

    Though to give away that much free work that in effect has you low balling is never an acceptable give away. It takes time to build up pricing. No time to tear what was built up.

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