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Advertising special promotion....in the yellow pages???


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Last spring I had a professional flyer designed which advertised 3 free mowing. I know, I know....that too much, but to my surprise I had a horrible response rate. I hear of talk all the time of those who promote free fertilizer with cleanup....or whatever it may be, but has anybody tried listing their promotion in the yellow pages. I am not talking about offering a coupon. I am talking about listing that promotion as a header on your yellow page add and did it bring in a larger response rate?

I imagine a 1/2 page add in the YP advertising 3 free mowing and I don't think you could handle all the calls. Especially if one person is answering the phone, giving estimates and already spend 15 hours a week mowing....impossible....but just makes me wonder. Not that I am even contemplating doing this either.


Team Gopher

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Hi walker-talker,

It is a very interesting concept and I don't think I have ever seen this. It sure would be a heck of an experiment!
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