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    "Radio offers the greatest proximity to shopping occasions".
    (percent exposed to given media within the half hour that true shopping occurs)

    Radio: 19%

    Mobile/web app : 7%

    Internet: 5%

    Print: 2%

    Live TV: 2%


    We use all the above except mailers & brochures. Still working on a "mobile app" for our (pretty basic) website. Also waiting for upgrades for our site.

    I just thought I would throw this out for you to chew on. Clear Channel is Nationwide and is HUGE in all forms of media.

    Thought? Ideas? Experience?

    Thanks! :usflag::canadaflag:
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    Well it must work to some extent. Their advertising worked on you. I do think a lot of those statistics are their PR to try and sell their services. I get promotional material from a lot of magazines trying to sell their services. Everyone of them puts out data showing they have the most reach in a market.

    As far as the part about reaching them within a half hour of shopping. Is that really when we would want to reach them? If they are driving to the mall or the grocery store their mind is on clothes and food not having their lawn cut.

    I have no experience with radio advertising but do have a lot in other forms of advertising. The only direct experience I have with radio is being a guest on a program on our local and most listened to radio station which produced one call for a service I don't provide.

    Personally for services like we provide I would rate a good website the best option. Good graphics on trucks and vehicles as another top choice and a few others options ahead of radio. I could be wrong and if you have tried it and had good results I am sure we would all like to hear about it.
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    I have not advertised at all - I don't even have any business cards - since forming my business in 2007. This is heavy part-time for me, though, and a I am not trying to grow, but I have every year. I do have a web site but it is mostly to send someone who has found a way to contact me.

    However, I owned a retail music business for ten years and bought hundreds of radio ads. I can honestly say not one of them ever paid for itself. Over the long haul, as a part of our overall marketing, radio ads had some value with regard to maintaining a presence in the minds of customers and potential customers. Trade deals with radio can be worthwhile IMHO. We found newspaper advertising worked better and was remembered longer. The standard argument then was people do not pay to receive radio programming so they attach less value to it and jump around from station to station a lot (often when an ad comes on). People paid for newspapers and had to put some effort into using (reading) them. That was before the Internet. Now I suspect there are as many distractions for print as there are for radio and TV. Cable TV was very cheap at the time and sometimes worthwhile, but then again we were in the entertainment business. Or best results by far came from direct mail with existing customers. We had a good customer tracking software package and knew hundreds of our customers personally. That enabled us to tailor offers well and pick and choose who we mailed to. If we had an idea and a need for a spike in business we could put something together one weekend and have it in the customers mailbox the following Thursday and see a percentage of them that Fri-Sat-Sun. Sometimes we would do a thank you type offer to as few as 25 customers who had been frequent buyers. Other times we would select 1,000 customers who had purchased 20 or more CDs from us who we had not seen in 6 months. Things have changed so much. It used to be that water was free and people paid for music. Now it's the other way around.

    I can't say what would work now but I would be cautious about buying radio ads. At least once a week I hear a series of radio ads for some new business and I know two things instantly: there is no way their gross sales are going to cover the cost of their radio ads that week much less have their gross margin cover the expense & they ain't gonna be around in a year, probably due in large part to what they were talked into spending on radio.
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    I think I recall with another company I worked for--radio ads did not work for us.
    I suggest that your truck should be considered like a moving bill board--almost like free advertising. Put professional lettering on the tailgate, too. Consider a catchy slogan. Such as for instance: "You can pay more--but you can't do better." Also add changeable magnetic signs --suited to the season perhaps. One for crabgrass, one for grubs, one for weeds.
    Also be sure to add white letters vinyl decals to your back and front windows. Cheap and you can put up your website address. Naturally--make sure its easy to remember. Be sure local laws allow a few letters in the darkened window tint area at the top of your windshield. Put the vinyl letters on the outside of the glass.
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