Advertising thru mail


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Has anyone use the USPS called EDDM (every door direct mail). How much it is. What % of call backs you get. Im a owner operator, 30 clients. Would it be to much for someone like me. 95% of my clients are from the guy next door seeing me mow and come out and ask for a bid and just word of mouth. thanks.


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Statistically, you can usually expect a 1 to two percent return on your investment with direct mail.

I've never used the service you mentioned. If I ever do direct mail, it is through the postal service.

They have the same thing up here, where you can target high income residential areas.


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I have never used direct mail but have heard its expensive and putting out fliers can give the same results.

I do know that more people seem to actually check their mail than their front door. It seems that if you leave fliers or door hangers that people don't get them until a few days later. I have actually seen someone that I put a flier on their front door simply pull up, open the garage, and go in through the garage and probably never saw my flier on their door.