Advertising to commercial/industrial and mail or send post card???

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by andyslawncare, Jun 8, 2008.

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    I have a lot of residential clients and a handfull of commercial/industrial clients...seems like they just fall in my hand with no advertising for some reason.

    (1)Should I send them postcards or (2) should I call and speak with them, then send something?? (the lawncare package offered on lawnsite advises to do #2, but i'm trying to cut my cost & time...I'm at work for 12hrs a day I really don't want to work too much more when I'm done.

    any advice/experience would be appreciated! Thanks.:drinkup:

    ps any advice on churches/larger establishments????
  2. meets1

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    Stop and make a meet and greet session with the PR guy, maintaince man, or ask the front lady at the desk for the head man for the grounds. Sometimes you'll strike gold with these guys other times - these guys think there golden and you - well..............

    Keep up with the contact. Don't be a pain in the as* but be presistent with your sales call, mail them a letter, another bix card and maybe there next job you get a call to place a bid or next mowing season your invited to bid. IF you don't get it, ask questions why? To high, to low, etc.
  3. andyslawncare

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    I really just dont have time for that kind of thing right now. and want to just send them something. I'm about to spend a few thousand on postcards (really nice) and nice fliers-i would like to send to my list of local businesses (i've picked out about 600 places) Will will these people actually read what I send or is it absolutely nesecarry to contact, because I do have mailing labels and phone numbers at hand...I really want to land a few more minimum...I almost just want to change to only do commercial...I have the machines and manpower to do anything that comes my way......the money is so much better and the client doesn't sit outside and watch me!!! I hate most of my residential properties and homeowners!!! I'm so use to advertising to only residential and its so much easier to reach them!!
  4. Lance L

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    if you dont have time to get them signed up, then you dont have time to take care of them, commercial jobs dont call from the phone book, people come to them, every so often they take bids, your best bet is to go there, talk to someone you need to, office manager, site manager, whatever, or just ask to speak with whos in charge of grounds maintenance. ask them if they are accepting bids, if they are give them one, if they arent, ask them if its ok if you give them one anyways, and then you will have to sell yourself and tell them why you are better than their current provider, but you may need to wait untill the contract is up. your post cards are going to be tossed in the trash. they arent going to sort through the mail, and say of hey here ya go kenny someone else that does lawns, ya i should call them because of this postcard, or they can keep who they have and let people call them, now maybe if it was directed to the person in charge, but if you went through the trouble of finding that out, you might as well talk to them.

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