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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by kentuckylawns, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. kentuckylawns

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    I'm Brand New to the site, and i wanted to say hello to everyone, i have a very small operation with about 5 regular accounts. I was wondering from the pros what is the best form of advertising flyer's, door hangers, mass mailings? what works the best? I am hoping to have about 30 - 38 full time accounts next year, and upgrade to some more professional equipment. Is that unrealistic? Please give me some advice on the advertising, and what i will expect to spend on it? Also better to advertise now, or in march - April? I live in KY if that helps.

    Thanks I really appreciate all the responses!

  2. nobagger

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    What worked for us is just a simple to the point ad in the classified news paper. This paper was not our regular "daily Times", but it was seen by 200k potential customers. Its not going to be easy to get 30+ accounts you have to keep advertising and take any job out there within reason. We would take the smallest clean ups to keep busy but it leads into other people seeing you and word of mouth is the best type of advertising out there, period!:waving:
  3. GriffinLawnService

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    I am trying to get into a area that is booming and there are alot of LCO's would the paper ad in that area do well or what would the best advertising be
  4. lawnpro724

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    Classifieds are a great way to pick up customers. I run them in spring for new mowing accounts which leads to more work later on and in mid- summer around July for shrub trimming and again in fall for cleanups. Get lettering on your truck and shirts so when your out mowing, trimming ect. people will know who you are! Another great way to build up your busn. is to direct mail area busn. Look around the town you live in, the ones with large properties or small depending on what you are going after and send them some info about your busn. Flyer, busn. card, letter of introduction. Send them out every quarter, it doesn't matter if another busn. is doing it now. Just put your name in front of them for later on. Don't misunderstand I'm not into backstabbing other busn. but sending out information about your busn. to other area busn. you would like to work for is a fair way to compete.
  5. GriffinLawnService

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    thanks for the advice. I have heard in other threads to mail out to different places and have already asked how do i get addresses but I have had no response to this
  6. mdvaden

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    I've tried yellow pages, newspaper ads, coupon clipper papers and flyers.

    The best overall, was flyers - to the door.

    Door to door actually works excellent in Medford, Oregon, but not well in Portland (worn out by religious groups coming).

    I'd rather insert a few thousand flyers in the paper if allowed, that get a paper ad.

    One paper ad worked okay for the first year, then fizzled. What I hate about paper ads, is that to get the cost down per column inch, you need to commit to a year contract price. Right now, I tried it here in Medford, and the results are miserable - barely paying for itself and a bit more. (but the flyers are kicking buns).

    Yellow pages - you may as well get a large listing ad - so wait until you are big.

    By the way, our Black & White flyers have out-performed color flyers. And B&W are like 1/3 the price.

    Two forms of advertising are good, even if one doesn't do too well. Like having a small newspaper ad, and then spreading flyers like crazy for overlapping advertising.

    Get a website if you don't have one. At least get a nice single home page and just put a nice photo on it, with the basics like your phone number. You can add other pages later. The website increases the level of credebility in some areas, but is one color source that anybody can go to from any form of advertising that you use.
  7. nfarr

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    I started last year in Aug. I placed a few thousand fliers and picked up 12 weekly customers.

    This year I placed 4500 or so fliers and sent out 100K direct mail pieces directed to certain zips that fit my target demographic.( cost around $3K)

    I lost one customer from last year(wanted to pay less) and received approximately 60 new ones.

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