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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Eho, Feb 19, 2005.

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    Today I went door to door with flyers and business cards looking to ad some new business. A couple of leads came up but nothing major. One great lead was a neighbor who ismoving but wasnt selling their house yet. They offered me $150 monthly for four mowings, and getting the mail every other day. Plus that price would go up for extra cleanup work, and trimming the hedges. This would be a great account and I wish I could ad about 6 or 7 more accounts at $120 a month each. What do yall think about an ad in the local paper?
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    Service Ads in the paper here are expensive, hundreds of $$ per week. Just keep puttin out more flyers. Sometimes it takes someone a couple months to call, sometimes people don't call until they see you doing someone elses lawn and they like the work. I've got 5,000 flyers printed up, and starting mid March i'll be putting out as many as I possibly can. Also i'll be lettering the new truck as that seems to bring in many people as well. I'll keep ya posted
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    Get your money upfront or be prepared to travel to get it. Once the financing on house closes the old owners are not responsible for any maintenance you do after that date and you won't have a leg to stand on for maintenance performed before the closing but not paid for.

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