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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Laurin, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. Laurin

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    I have been doing our advertising for about two years in house and am thinking about turning it over to a PR firm so we will see real results. I want all of our media, like brochures, newsletters, website, etc. to look the same so our branding theme is reiterated every time someone sees it, whether in a magazine or on a business card.

    I am a little overwhelmed at where to begin- I called a few PR firms today (in the Chicago area) and got prices from four thousand dollars a month to three hundred dollars a month. That's a big difference!

    Does anyone have some ideas of where to begin? Should I just hire a graphic designer to create everything or do I need a marketing agent to tell me where to advertise and come up with media kits? Does anyone know a reputable company in this area?

    Thanks very much,
  2. fknippenberg

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    I would start by putting together an RFP and then sending it out and requesting quotes...

    List out everything you want them to do, be as specific as possible...

    That way they all submit proposals based on the same information.
  3. Flow Control

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    What are you working with now, your means of advertising and your current materials. What is your budget for 08? Where is your current gross at <500,000, <1,000,000 <3,000,000 >5,000,000
  4. Laurin

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    Our gross is around 2,500,000. Our advertising budget is about 30K. Not a huge amount, but if it proves successful would be raised next year.

    Sorry - what is an RFP? I think having companies bid on something very solid is a great idea.

    thanks very much!
  5. fknippenberg

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    RFP = Reques for Proposal - it's basically a document you would create listing all of your requirements and what you want them to bid on.

    It is much easier than having individual conversations with each vendor and insures that you are telling them all the same thing so you can compare apples to apples.
  6. Laurin

    Laurin LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the idea- I'm starting my list now.

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