Advertising 'Will beet competitors written price'

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by procut, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. procut

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    I've seen this technique used by some start-ups and newbies, but this week however I saw it used by a "big professional" company. This weekend a local company took out a full page color add in the local paper saying they would beet any competitors written price for clean-up, arretion, or mowing. Keep in mind, this company has nice newer lettered trucks, commercial equiptment, multiple crews and have been in business for multiple years. I just cannot believe they would open themselves up to something like this. IMO, you could get yourself into a lot of trouble doing this, and I can't imagine it working out too well. I'm skeptical that anyone will admit to doing this, but if so, how did offering to beet anyones price work out for you?
  2. All_Clear

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    I've also seen this being advertised, my guess is there is some sort of stipulation on it... ie: written est. must be by insured lco or etc...

    They could lose their shirts if they didnt have some fine print somewhere, i doubt the big co. is really going to put themselves out there like that.

    Seems more like a catch word/phrase... like the word Free... That attracts buyers/customers...

    It's also a way that a legit co. can say to a potential customer.... Sorry we wont match this or beat this price because this "so called co. isnt registered, insured, etc. etc....

  3. procut

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    The add had no fine print. I'm a licenced and insurred company, so it made me wnat to write up an incredibly low estimate, give it to someone I know really well, then have them call the other company just to see what they do. lol
  4. NEPSJay

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    its because they are working in VOLUME. do you think they got all those fancy trucks and crews by being a cut-throat?
  5. Jdmtnbikr

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    Anyone who uses "will BEET competitors written price" will never get any accounts, don't worry.

    B E A T

    This board is so entertaining with you folks, thank you :)
  6. procut

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    Grammar Nazi
  7. AintNoFun

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    hmmm.. i think "will beat anyones prices" is kinda cut throat, is it not?

  8. Jdmtnbikr

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    Grammar u mean?

    If you wrote "beet" just once, I would have let it slide :)

    Shape up man, you have a business to run for God's sake.
  9. NEPSJay

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    no....not grammar nazi.... Spelling Nazi, WISE UP!:)
  10. General Landscaping

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    Well; write up some crazy low estimates and see what happens. Just charge $8.50/man hr. with no consideration for expenses.

    This is your chance to get all your stuff done cheap then call up and b!tch when it's not done right.:cry:

    Bait them a few times and see what their excuse is to not match the price.

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