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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by kemmer, Sep 4, 2004.

  1. kemmer

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    next season i plan on almost doubling my number of accounts. i also plan on using door hangers. my question is how many should i get? also, do most of you have doublesided hangers. i can get 1000 blank for $15. but will it end up costing me more if i print them myself instead of having a company or online biz print them for me. im think about gettting 3000 hangers. what do you usually do. when would the best time to distribute them, i dont think im going to put them on every single house. (skipping the really crappy houses) i plan on giving them out in the Feb. - March range.
  2. txlawnking

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    You've got a pretty good plan man, except for the "not on every house" part.. By that I don't mean EVERY house, just every house in the neighborhood's you intend to target. Flyers/doorhangers are a numbers game.. I would plan on way more advertising than you presently anticipate, but it does depend on your PERSONAL biz goals.. God Bless man, and good luck with next season.
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    When is a good question, got to be warm enough to think about mowing, but early enough someone else isn't already doing it. I think a lot of guys here put out 2 rounds of hangers/flyers a couple weeks apart, and then maybe a mailing, or newspaper ad also. Make them hear your name over and over so they remember it. With doorhangers, I think most guys report about 1.2% turn into accounts, so if you passed out 3000(which is a lot of hanging) plan on roughly 30-40 accounts, give or take.
    good luck, I'll be doing the same thing.
  4. Soupy

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  5. kemmer

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    soupy, im going to design it, ill post it once im done, but should i be double sided? also spending $349 on door hangers seems like alot,:cry: but do you think it will cost me as much in $$ and the hassles of making them myself?

    anybody know any cheaper sites that i can get them made at?
  6. MacLawnCo

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    if this is going to be your only means of doubling your accounts, $349 is frickin cheap.
  7. Soupy

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    You can fit more on them if you use both sides. I had photos of my work put on mine. If you use postcard wharehouse for printing, they also have a nice landscaping one on their example page that you can just change the information to fit your needs.

    Whatever you decide to do, pay the extra $50 and double your order.
  8. allaccesslandscaping

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    the more you put out the better.. Its really the only rule when ut comes to doorhangers
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  10. Drew Gemma

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    Do people get crappy with you if you go into nice allotments and hang advertising on their doors. Their are some nice housing areas around me and i think these people would from if i hung flyers on their $200,000.00 homes. Just a thought! I am going to do it next year. The main reason is once I get one house in a neighborhood. Then my work sells itself and I usually end up with many more. It takes only one then you get 5!

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