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    I am from a small town and run a small lawn care business. I am wondering how I could get a few more customers. What are your suggestions on advertising and what gets the most replies. I have been putting an ad in the local newspaper, and a flyer or two up in local businesses in the past, but dont get too much new business.


    trent kleist
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    Even small towns have neighborhoods. Try putting some flyers directly at houses and see what your results are. I have been doing this and have gotten at least one job a day lately. Today I was passing them out and the homeowner was out working on his car and I bid it right there and got the job. He was not happy with the guy last year and did not want to call some one from the phone book. Also flyers can target specific areas you want to work and ads may have you driving all across town for jobs. I know people dont like to pass out flyers as it is a pain in the butt but for some we have success at it.

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