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  1. fairways

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    I am new to running my own lawn care business but have experience with the labor, what avenues have you guys had success with in advertising?
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    Hi fairways,

    If you are just starting out. Have you considered flyers and door hangers? Here is a collection for you.
  3. boxoffire

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    It's really hit or miss. I did some flyers once and got a few calls after putting out a few hundred. I have run ads in Sunday paper only for 4 straight Sundays for around $80 and have gotten more calls from that. Our city is growing and many surrounding city's close by may get the paper also. However one time during the Winter I didn't get a single call when I put an ad in the Sunday paper for Gutter Cleaning and Leaf Cleanups. I also ran my first yellow page listing this year with only my company name and phone # and have gotten a couple of calls this spring so far for that. I went to some buisnesses close to my home that really weren't looking for a "picture perfect" type turf which would probably be a bit intimidating for me being it's my first spring doing this, but instead just looking for somebody to cut their grass on a regular (3 times a month usually) basis. I struck out on probably 17 of them, but did land 3 of them. So going into a buisness is probably the way to go there. May be too late though now. Good luck.

  4. jarroo's lawncare

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    i have done door to door direct mail classifieds and passed out numerous flyers so far i have ten accounts and i am in my first year. I also mow in neighborhoods where senior citizens live and if I see a yard that is not being mowed regularly i take them a card and introduce myself and tell them a price. it has worked good so far and i might have another customer from it.

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