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    I need a little help.....I got a late start on starting my business this year and was wondering what everyone thinks is the best/easiest way to advertise with the biggest impact and or ROI ....flyers , truck decals,newspaper ads ....word of mouth is slow and I want to speed it up Thanks for and and all help !!
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    Doorhangers have been working great for me.... check out also start networking for referrals...if you don't landscape get to know some landscape companies and refer them to your customers that need landscape work and they will do the long as they don't cut lawns that is...also I wouldn't waste your money on a print ad...if you need more business go door to door with flyers or least you will get a client base in the area you want...with print ads people will call from all over and you will waste too much gas doing that...hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the info ....I am in the flyer process now ....Did you offer discounts off the first mow or anything else to intice people ??
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    Yea I did $20 off a spring cleanup...that was in March though...and I did a free cut but they had to sign a contract if they did that...other wise I never use contracts, all they do is keep honest people honest...if someone is going to screw you they will screw you. Anyway, just make sure the flyers are professional...make sure it says you're licensed and insured...I am assuming you are. Make sure there are NO typos in the's easy to over look it sometimes. And don't expect to put out 1000 flyers and get a ton of customers...5000 flyers should get you AT LEAST 25 customers and at most 50. Good Luck with everything! Also...since you are marketing in the middle of the season you might want to stand out by offering something unique...cause if they see a lawn care flyer....they may be like I already have a guy...but offer something they need NOW instead of a free cut maybe a free step 3 of fertilzer (weed/feed) if you do fert...or sign up for cutting services and save 15% on a mulch installation of 4 cubic yards or more. Just an idea...
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    He's right that is a good page to bookmark...real good ideas on there...
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    freddy, great quote from russell. makes me smile.
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    You can do this, but never give the discount on the first mow as you're only stepping on your own foot. No offense, but what will happen is some people will call you and get you to come out that one time, then cancel service. It is better to give them the 10th cut free, in that sense it wouldn't hurt maybe in your case, give the 5th cut for free but whatever, always the last cut gets a discount :)

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