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    I am just starting out in business and I need some help to get more jobs. I am going next week to get magnetic decals for my truck and shirts made. I want to grow so that I can better serve my clients I already have by buying new equipment. Any advice would greatly be appreciated. Advice on other things than advertising would be helpful to. Thanks in advance
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    Don't lowball...charge accordingly so you can make some far as advertising going door to door with flyers/doorhangers works best I think. Plus it helps you keep a tight route...GOOD LUCK!
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    Shirts and lettering for the truck are great. I'm not sure it's really "advertising", as I don't think many people will come up to you and want to hire you because you are wearing a company shirt. I think it's more about branding. It's all about name recognition, you want people to know who you are so it sticks in their mind.
    As for advertising, the more you plug away at it, the more customers you will get. Advertise in the newspaper, lay out some doorhangers in neighborhoods that you want to work in. And most importantly, the more customers you pick up, you will find that if they are happy with your service, they WILL refer you to their friends. People on here will say that referrals are the best form of obtaining new customers, BUT referrals will not happen overnight. We have been in biz 8 years, and this year and last year were stellar years for referrals. Our first couple of years we did not have referrals.
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    I know that is the truth about referrals I thought with the jobs I have I would have more word of mouth advertising but it hasnt happened. Guess the saying is true "Have to spend money to make money"..

    Where can I get door hangers made?
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    I thought I've seen a link here somewhere that you can have like 5,000 door hangers made for about $200. Maybe someone could recall what it was.

    Speaking as a consumer and not a business person I will tell you that a catchy logo means everything. There are several local businesses here in town that people know who they are based on logo alone. They could spot the logo and know what business it is.
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