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  1. gway

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    ive been in this rat race for a long time now and feel i have created a good amount of customers along the way but i wanted to get over that hill and kick this machine in a faster gear....for the past 6-8 years we have advertised heavily in local papers taking out bigger ads than most other comps and passed out our share of flyers. our goal has always been 1200 fert cust and i wanna say now we only have around400!! what is the best way to really kick this thing in the but and compete with the likes of a tru-green or a scotts?? massive bulk mailers...inserts in the local paper? what do we need to do to put us into position in this race?? we do our regular500 est every year and our name is out there but we really wanna pick up more fert cust NOW!!! we have enuff mowing for now around 250-300 but it is the fert i wanna move into and leave this mowing @#$& to the younger whipper snappers

  2. Avery

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    We get a good response from the yellow pages.
  3. Hopper1124

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    Try this develop a brouchure short sweet to the point, include quotes or references from other customers that works well any offer something like a discount of something FREE.

    Or start a referral program to your exisiting customers explain to them you want to build your business, if they like your work they will talk you up.

    How about offering a Free Class on something to get people infront of you offer something for Free or a raffle.

    I recently checked TV Advertising on a major station it was cheaper than I thought
    Just some thought I had for you
    Good Luck!
  4. lawnman_scott

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    with that many customers your obviously big enough to afford a good size yellow page ad. thats what i would do, they work quite well.
  5. George777

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    I would capitalize on existing customers. Come up with an awesome brochure, develop a sales team, or just do more than what you're doing now.

    Do you have a sales force? Come up with a great sales pitch and train your team and reward them well for good performance. Single out you're best salesmen and have him give tips on how to close the sale.

    If you don't mind me asking how large of a fert team do you have?
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    Take a look at some of the stuff that scotts and trugreen are puting out! Do not just copy what they are doing but try something simmeler to it! make up a brocher and some other small flyer type things for your services and put it together! Then find a good mailing service that will give you address of the type of people that you would like to reach! Then print off your stuff and have them send it out.
    Keep on doing what you are doing just increase it. I know that last year we put out so many flyers then this year we dubeled that amount to the same area and we got alot more costomers. Just keep up the good work. It sounds like you have a good operation going now so it sould not be that hard to expand into where you want to go! I hope this helped!
  7. grassyfras

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    Don't forget Pictures.
  8. Guido

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    Door to Door canvasing in your target areas.

    Also, try offering a small cash reward for referrals that sign contracts because of existing customers. Might get a good response.

    Or on the same note ( I just thought of this one) Don't know the legalities ofthis but sprint, at&t, PCI, etc all do it. Offer a reward for switching from one of the big dogs to you.

    Hope this helps!

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