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  1. MindI

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    I have been looking at direct mailing and think that may be the way to go, and mail to upper middle class baby boomers. What has everyone else had the most luck with, besides word of mouth?
  2. VMcNeill

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    I used to have a mobile(worked at customer's home) auto detailing business, and most of my advertising came from direct mailing. I had about a six percent rate of return.

    I mailed out around three hundred and got about 20 customers in return. enough to make my money back and then some before calling it quits. Before I quit, I came to the realization that I absolutely, positively hated washing cars. I mean I don't even like to wash my own car, what was I thinking doing it for other people. I considered it a valuable learning experience and considered myself lucky to get out of it after I made fifty bucks for around a two hundred hours worth of work.

    Sorry for the tangent, but your question brought home some memories.
  3. MindI

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    That would be a good rate of return for lawncare/landscaping. I know what you mean about hating a previous job. Let's see...if I were 22 years old again and had it all over to do, I would not have done what I did.
  4. Ed Ryder

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    For a direct mail campaign, focus on a tight geographic area. The dm piece must have an effective message. I have seen so many bad ads that seem to copy other bad ads. A mistake is to use price as your selling point.

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