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    As I am new to owning my own business I was wondering how you all got your names out there for lighting.

    I am working with a graphic designer (who's incredible) who has a backround in marketing. I have the business cards printed, we are now in the desigin phase for advertising and looking to hit the media in the late winter/early spring.

    Did you all place ads in local papers, send direct mail, or just work off an existing customer base? The advertising looks very professional but if I don't get it to the eyes of the right people it's useless.

    Brief backround:
    I just moved from Cincinnati to CT this year and I am working with another landscape company now (I do not have my own customer base). I have been in the landscape industry 13 years with a focus in hardscapes. I just got into lighting the last 2 years in Cincy and got hooked. I am going to "go it alone" in the spring and really want to focus on lighting.


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