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    I would like some input from you guy's...

    I do a little bit of work (mostly residential) and go almost completely from referrals.

    I have been quite satisfied with the amount of work I'm getting and my repeat customers, but, now I would like to "kick it up a notch" so to speak.

    I have advertised one time in a local neighborhood type news paper. The ad ran three weeks cost me $ 160.00 and I didn't get one call. The ad ran in the middle of June. After that disappointment I swore that I would never advertise again. But. About two months after my ad ran, the paper (without my permission) ran it again for one week. I got about ten calls all of which I gave out estimates to and got four jobs from them. Good paying jobs too.

    So my question, what do you guy's do? Should I wait till August to advertise every year? What would you do?
  2. juddburdon

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    Hello Mike,

    Great question and I will do my best to answer this.

    There are a few main things that can have an impact on the conversion of a marketing campaign in a newspaper.

    1) Ad quality.

    2) How large the ad is.

    3) Where the ad is placed.

    3) Date in which the ad is delivered.

    With the above being said....

    I highly recommend reviewing and comparing your ad quality to other competitors and getting advice from qualified sealcoating professional with a background of success.

    Ask the newspaper editor or advisor to give you advice on the size of ad and the part of the paper that will attract the most eyes (example: Home maintenance section or Spring clean up or Fall Clean up).

    Make sure to run heavy advertising at the beginning of the season (Spring), when people are cleaning up their yards and at the end of the season, when people are getting ready for the winter.

    Also, be sure to include that you provide commercial and residential free estimates on the marketing.

    Another thing that seal coaters tend to push a side is the direct door-to-door marketing. Knocking on doors and leaving free estimates will bring the best conversion results at the end of the day. Generally, good sales people can close at a 10% closing conversion ration when going door to door.

    Some areas don't allow direct soliciting so I would recommend leaving a sorry we missed you door hanger like we provide as part of our marketing package. This allows you to leave a free estimate and let's the potential client know that you will be back in the area and that they can save on the travel expense and get a on the site discount. Works very well, you would be surprised with the number of callbacks.

    Another thing that seal coaters need to be aware of is that more and more people search on the web to find a local contractor. Generally they go to and type in their city or town followed by the keyword "sealcoating" or "seal coating", etc.

    Example -- go to and type in "Montreal Sealcoating" and pretend that you are a residential or commercial property owner. Follow the path and you will see that you will find a solution that fulfills your search with an opportunity to find a sealcoating company in your local area.

    So, remember -- the Internet is being used more and more everyday so don't fall behind on that and make that a part of your marketing program too.

    Hope this helps and all the best to you in your asphalt marketing and advertising endeavors. :angel:
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    Newspaper ads can work but there is a lot of factor that determine if it will work.

    What juddburdon said is true, but also keep in mind that you always need your ads in the paper, sometime no one will be looking for sealing that week, then next week people will be searching for sealing but your ad won't be there. So it's always have an ad in the newspaper at all times, you never know when people will be searching for you.

    They say an average person needs to see the company logo/name about 10 times before he will remember it. With that being said, people will see your ad but will just forget it, then lets say in August, they think about sealing their driveway, then they remember seeing your ad 5-10 times in the newspaper before.
  5. BIGBOY2008

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    I dont do newspaper adds but might try them this year. I know a guy who teaches small business classes at a community college and hes pretty sharp on the hows and whys of small business advertising.
    He tells me that even though a business is offering a seasonal service that newspaper add space should be purchased for an entire year. Its all about the repitition and subconscious retention of the advertisement content.

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