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    if i learned one thing from this site, advertising is stressed the most. I'm planning on throwing some flyers out there and see what happens...and if i get gutsy enough i'll put a add in the paper. I don't want to have so many people that i would have to turn them down. but at the same time, i do want people...thats how we all make our money right!! Ahh so many choices.
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    You don't have to turn down anyone and walk away with nothing. You can get another company to give you comissions for these lawns. I have a tree company that pays me 10% of any job I get them. This is fast easy money. Take some business management courses to learn how to properly operate a successful business. I hope I don't sound mean I'm not. I've studied numerous avenues of this business and know what it takes to succeed. A high standard of Quality work, personal contact with customer, and organization.

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