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I just started a lawn business in New Jersey. I've been doing this for 7 years. I'm at a point where i have approximately 30 lawns and about 12 fertilizer accounts,in addition to all of the clean-ups, mulch, etc. So I am being kept pretty busy, but I need more work, namely more lawn accounts. I've been too busy in the last few weeks to hand deliver fliers, like I did in the beginning of the season. Thins such as Valpak and other mailing companies are quite expensive and want you to sign up for numerous mailings. I'm kind of skeptical about signing up with these mailings. I'm just looking for other options. If anyone has any suggestions they would be much appreciated.


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offer a one time mowing on ur flyer, customers love to see ur work before they hire u full time. offer a one time cut for $30 or somehing, or whatever the goin rate is in ur area.


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If you do not have time to pass out flyers, just run an add in your local paper. Then when you get time, pass out more flyers.