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    I need some advice on advertising.......Ive been advertising on craigslist as well as my local paper, picked up a few accounts, but most new accounts are coming from word of mouth from existing clients. Im in MN and looking to maximize the dollars I spend on advertising. Ive had the yellow book call me to advertise but I am reluctant due to the price.

    Any suggestions or ideas for the best way to advertise in the Twin Cities area?

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    I just signed up to sponsor 2 holes at a local gulf course for a yr. They play 35,000 rounds of gulf there a yr, I got hole 4 and 17, so one on the front 9, and one on the back nine. Thier score card they hand out with each round of gulf is actually a mini book, with a tips page for each hole, I have an ad on the page for both holes.

    Just telling you to think outside the box when it comes to advertising, try and figure out where your target market is.
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    Is Gulf a new game or did you mean Golf? :)
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    Sorry, yes, I ment golf!*trucewhiteflag*

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