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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by lawnworker, Jan 8, 2002.

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    It may be cheap, ask yourself is this your target area and how many times have you called a service on one of those benches? I prefer flyers.
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    Better somehow verify that their signs are of good quality. I wish you well.

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    I don't use business cards, people throw them away!! I use pens I have gotten most of my busienss through pens. They cost .18 each and contain all of my business info just like a card. The big diff. is that people keep the pens some times for years. In an old business I would track the pens by ordering diff. colors every time I ran out and would offer a discount for those who showed me a pen at the time of service (auto detailing). On several ocasions I'v had pens from new customers that had gotten the pens 3 years prior. Try to find someone that still has a flyer 3 days later! I use about 3000 pens a year. I hand them out instead of business cards.
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    I like the idea! Ideas like this are well worth sharing.


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