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    I wish I would have gotten this through my :hammerhead:THICK HEAD:hammerhead: a few years earlier than I did. It would have saved me a ton of grief.
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    I was telling Fl Landscape who first made this point. My realization came during an estimate. Many years ago I gave an (Cheap) estimate and the customer had a fit. She kept asking me questions as to why the price etc and if I took out this and that etc. She Finally agree to give me job and that was exactly when I came to my senses. I quickly told her ""I am sorry but I won't do your job because you think the price is too high and will expect perfect work"" Best thing I ever did because she would have been a real PITA.

    I have the new owner but I just lost one of my best customers to a house sale. I can't say we never had a problem. Fact is I sprayed her shrubs and messed up a fresh paint job. But what made her a great customer was attitude she had about the problem. Of course I admitted fault and Yes it cost me money but customer's cost and it is better to give a little to keep a good one than to try and replace them.
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    Yard signs don't work! And the good areas have a cleanup guy that carts everyday and picks them all up. The best thing i've used was fllers so far. Cost is cheap and i though them as i drive by,can do 500 an hr in a big sub. In 3 month i got 50 accounts. If you new keep the good and bad ones and weed them out in the winter. Unless your losing money ,let them go.
    Here in jax there's a flier guy(business name). Think he will design print and hand deliver fliers for i think .07 ea. He said theres other out there doing the same,just not here.
    I'm at 25-30 cuts a week my first yr an stopped doing fliers early. This yr trying to bump to 50 cuts a week. Better savings to make a better winter.

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