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    I don't know about where you are locatated, but here in the Houston area, we get a card on our door about twice a week for lawn care. Most of them say $20 or $25. I guess what I'm saying is that market is saturated. You'll be lucky to get a .1% response that way. Do some research on SEO and spend your time and money there. You want to concentrate on "organic" or "natural" search results, not "pay per click." The first thing you need to do is enter all of your company information in every free online directory, starting with Google Places. That will get your inbound links started. Once you get some cash rolling in, you can buy some audiobooks on the subject and listen while you drive.
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    I appreciate all the responses.
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    This question gets ask a thousand times on here, and there is no perfect answer, everybodies market is different, so it seems like what works for one guy isn't working for the next. This is my first year in business full time and so far it seems to be about repetition, get your name out there and keep it out there, CONSTANTLY. Word of mouth, door to door, flyers all work but only goes so far and is wayyy to slow if you really want to grow the business at any kind of reasonable pace. My best advice is get ready to spend a few thousand dollars if your serious about your marketing and want to seriously grow. You may have to get a loan or whatever but it's just what you gotta do to grow a business, It's all a tax write off anyway!
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    I hate doing flyers and the cost of having people deliver is going up. But They do work
  6. I <3 paying other people to deliver flyers. :laugh: (And, yeah, it does cost money but it's the cheapest way to advertise that I know of and the ROI on our advertising is pretty excellent. How much does it cost having other people deliver flyers in your neck of the woods?)

    In all seriousness, I did (And still do) deliver flyers but I have a secret weapon to make it tolerable: an electric scooter. Those long stretches in between houses seem to effectively disappear.
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    Funny! the cost of everything is going up except lawn care HMM? wait I just charged a guy $150 to put out a yard of mulch.

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