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    I suggest Adwords as what I would call a "highly-targeted crutch". It allows the flexibility and keyword targeting that, quite often, does not occur via your site or Places' organic efforts. Getting to a point where your web traffic is 100% organic, therefore eliminating the need for Adword campaigns should be everyone's goal, it's just not always a reality.

    I do recommend that everyone try Adwords, at least to see if it's right for them, or if it converts as they'd like. It's easy to track down a $100 Adword trial credit, so there's really no reason not to see if it has a place in your marketing mix. Keep in mind that it does require a web site on your end and that work and split-testing should be done to craft the ad messages.

    With that said re: Adwords, I do not, however, recommend Adwords Express. If there's a singular benefit, it's that it does not require a web site. Express is one where I'll agree with Adam and view it akin to a money-devouring sinkhole. In fact, in that respect, it's almost just like owning a boat. :) It has nowhere near the configurability of standard Adwords and, as a bonus, only allows for the expensive, shotgun approach of Broad Match-only keywords. All of the Express conveniences Google touts comes with the privilege that you're going to pay more than you would via the standard Adwords campaigns.
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    100% agree. Have a strategy and plan in place and see what works best for your business. And read up on effective copy writing techniques, especially those that are best suited for the limited space afforded an Adwords ad.

    I mention this often enough, but it's similar to the issues people have with Craig's List ads. The majority think they're worthless leads from price shoppers but, if effectively done, they can be a great lead driver and pre-qualifier.

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