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    When do you guys start contacting potential work for the up coming season? I want to try some cold calling and face to face meetings but don't want to start too early. Gonna hit the mailers too. Thanks!
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  2. JFGauvreau

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    I am not sure about the area of Ohio, so perhaps my following advise are not so good for your region. But for me, in Ontario/Canada:

    -Mailers, such as postal cards, fliers etc, are completely worthless for me. I have tried with roughly 8" by 14" glossy cards, full color on both side, very professional look and not to much text, just straight to the point. Sent 5k of those to 3-4 small towns, and I would be lying if I'd say I got 1% returns.

    They are just another piece of garbage for home owners. Very expansive to produce, I have not sent the other 25k I have, but I am sure I will have more luck sliding in between home owners doors.

    -Cold calling, never tried it but I can assure you, you will waste your time.

    My best method, based on my experience, and my area I live it.

    #1 - Door to door, leave something fancy at the door if they aren't home.
    #2- Word of mouth, let your work speak for it self

    -Signs that you leave at your jobs, will help you a lot, along with lettered trucks, lettered t-shirts/polos and hats etc.
    -Fridge magnets, if your going to leave a business card to a homeowner or leave it at their door, I can assure you they will probably loose it in the next 48 hours, no joke. Stick a magnet to their door, or give them a magnet, they will be on that fridge for years to come.

    Hope this help,
  3. magneto259

    magneto259 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the reply. I'm trying to get more commercial work this year. I didn't have much trouble getting residential stuff in my neck of the woods.
  4. JFGauvreau

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    Don't neglect residential for commercial and vice versa, keep a balance. They are both 2 good source of income.

    My general advise for commercial work is to 3 full years of residential before thinking about commercial work. Easiest way to get commercial work is with connections and word of mouth. ex: sometimes you will do residential clients that own business that will ask you a quote for their business after sealing their residential driveways. You need to be equipped to do commercial work also and have the crew for it. Since sealing a 1000 square feet lane way compared to a 50,000 one requires bigger tools.
  5. magneto259

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    Sorry for the really late reply. I have done some commercial work since I started and it was a pain with a small tank. But I picked up a 550 gallon tank and got a spray bar to put on it. I've had a few calls already this week since the temps came up.
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    Here in Pa, after this winter it could be late april before the weather gets nice, most of my ads for residental start hitting in may, commercial bids went out earlier this week, I did all my measuring last fall :)

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