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  1. eaglelawn

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    What method did you guys use to advertise your business when you were first starting up?

    Also, what kind of a return rate did you get on flyers (if you used them).

    Thanks a lot.
  2. walker-talker

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    Passed out 1200 full color very professional looking door hangers in high end residential neighborhood (less than 10 years old) and got 3 calls and landed 2 one-time jobs. Passed out another 800 of the same door hangers in a nice, well established neighborhood and received about 12 calls and landed all those. 1 mowing and the rest were one time jobs...cleanups, scalping and chem apps. Had a local radio station pass out 1600 door hangers and a local cooking show (they only charged $100, so I said "what the heck") and received 0 calls. Once the weather is hitting around 90 degrees constantly, I am going to pass more out in other well established neighborhoods.

  3. mh1314

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    Worked out a deal with the owner of a vacant lot at a busy intersection, near several desirable neighborhoods, to put up a sign. Had a professional painter make a 4X8 sign with my company logo and phone number. Total investment was $250.00. I get calls weekly because of the sign and home owners always know where to get my number, unlike an expired newspaper ad or thrown away door hangers. I later had a like sign built for the tailgate of my trailer.


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