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    I am starting in 04 and I need a little input on my advertising plan. The local newspaper has a service directory and I plan on running an add starting in March. I am also planning on having some flyers made and distribute these over some select housing additions around town. Finally, I was planning on cold-calling some area businesses for commercial accounts. Does anyone know of another good way to spend some money on advertising? When should I start calling the area businesses? Any feedback anyone can give me is appreciated.
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    Do you want to service all the areas that the paper is distributed to? I know i dont, so i have not gone that route.

    Good move. Remember frequency is much more efective than reach. Email me and ill show you a doorhanger of mine that did phenomanally this past spring.

    ASAP. there is typically two times that contracts come up, nov/dec and mar/april. Be confident!

    When you email me, ill share a few other things with you you may want to try. :)
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    I use Yellow page advertising as a supplement to my marketing. Spend your money wisely. I am working to completely rid advertising in my sales campaign and work strictly off referrals. However, targeted Direct Mail Advertising has worked for me...New homes especially. Try to get in with an HOA monthly newsletter that they send out to new homeowners in your area. Do some research and narrow your target market as far down as you can and then advertise in the appropriate channels to reach them. I'm curious to hear whats worked and what hasn't for you as of yet...anybody?
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    Hi MacLawnCo,

    Could you post your door hanger? I would like to see it!
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    haha, No

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