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I am thinking about advertising in the local daily paper for the first time. My options are.

4 line classified: run 8 times in two weeks =$32

1 x 1 inch add in the "We Can Do It!" service section:
run 13 times in a month =$76
(this section in usually at the beginning of the classifieds and has from 2 to 8 adds for different services. Can go bigger for more $)

Full page insert run one time, I provide the insert: $31/1000 papers: paper has about 10000 circulation but I can have it just put in the ones in town which would be about 5000. =$155

I am leaning twords the 1 x 1 or a 1 x 2 add in the service section.
I could do a ad in other parts of the paper but they run about twice as much as the services section. I could go everyday for a month in this section for $106

Any opinions?



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What's going to differentiate yourself and your ad from all the other guys in the service section? What is going to make your ad jump right out at the potential customer and have them call you?

I like the flyer insert idea. There your flyer will be where everyone will be able to see. Some will throw it away, but some will hold on to it.

We've done the service directory before and have only gotten a few calls from it. Not worth it in my opinion.


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flyer's are the way 2 go, when the call they wont u. The paper they will call everyone and usually the first 2 respond gets it. 2 many price shoppers look in the paper.


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Columbus, NE
Some moe info.
I am not sure about the fliers because of the cost for one. $155 to put them in but I have to provide the fliers. Even at 5 cents a piece for a one sided copy thats $250 So over $400 total for a one time run. I am afraid they would just go in the trash with the rest of the adds.
With the service section add I can get a months worth of exposure for 1/4 the cost. Yes it's a smaller add but I think that repetition would make up for that. This section in our paper only has a few adds in it and almost always only one add for each type of service. Like one for painting, one for decks, one for auto detailing etc.. I plan on keeping it simple and not give too much info. and I think I will go with a bit larger add than the others. Some I have seen try to list everything and it gets too busy and too small of print.

Here's what I was thinking of:

My logo and name on the top.

Professional quality lawn maintenance.

Mowing, Fertilizing, and much more.

Experienced, Educated, Certified, Insured

For estimates call:


That might still be too much so I could take out one or two lines so the print doesn't get too small. I'm just not sure yet. I think any newspaper advertising will get a lot of price shoppers. But if i'm going to do it I want them to see my name ALOT, not just once. The fliers seem like a lot of $ when you know not all of them are going to home owners. I plan on still putting out more fliers door to door in certain neighborhoods. But they didn't get a big response last year. Do fliers in a paper get any better response than door to door?
I do appreciate all your input and will consider all of it.

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Hi PaulJ,

I like the flyer idea as well because you would also have space for potential use of promotional coupons. Did you look into printing your flyers instead of photo copying?


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I advertise in one of the small neighborhood papers. It cost $20 a week for a business size card. I run the ad year round, I figure people will see it and come back to it later. I don't think it would work well on a temp basis. The yellow page ad has many pages for lawncare and is very enpensive.

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