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  1. Coastal Lawn

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    Need help
    With all the experience out there what is the best way to advertise your lawn services. I have tried flyer's, paper adds. nothing yet. The competition is pretty stiff in Florida and need that little something different to catch the customers eye.
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    Hi Coastal Lawn,

    Until you get more suggestions, I would say to do the best job you can and word of mouth will spread.
  3. marcbenjamin

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    Coastal Lawn,
    I'm new to this site but have thoroughly researched it in as far as advertising advice. I have also researched several books relating to starting a business of this nature and the bottom line seems to be:just get out there and talk with people.
    Dress well and be professional. Go to neighborhoods and scout for homes you might want to service, then knock on the door and sell yourself and service to them. This seems to add a lot more credibility to you and your business, from what I've read.
    In other words, don't just sit around waiting for the business to come to you, go out there and make it happen.

    I hope this helps.
  4. roadhawg3

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    put as big an ad as possible in your local paper, and keep it there!people have to get used to seeing it.
  5. Evermow

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    I think I'm going to get in the Yellow Pages next go-round.
  6. Lawn Services Plus

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    last year i had 6 regulars-this year it has jumped to about 18 so far-and landscaping jobs keep coming.plan on leaving my regular
    job and going FT-going to flood the area with flyers and do some
    door to door .. I love cluster home neighborhoods-many people
    move from apartments and don't have any equipment. Im taking
    them by storm -full speed ahead and dont look back-if the blades
    aint spining you aint making money.

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