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Doyline La
today my wife and i worked for almost a solid hour and must have put out at least 35 flyers, no phone calls! what does it take?


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Houston, TX
Hundreds or thousands depending on how large of a reply you want.


Trevors Lawn Care

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35 Flyers? Your gonna need to do better than that.

Last week i put out 1500. Get moving. I simply place them on the mailbox under the flag or in the newspaper box. your lucky if you get 1 from those 35 flyers...unless its a typo. I have gotten probably 10 from the 1500. Your gonna need to work for much more than just one hour as well. Those 1500 probably took 4 hours to put out. I am not stopping there either. I will keep advertising the flyers until i get 50 jobs. I use a simple half page flyer that is B&W so it is cost effective. tthe UPS store wants 1 dollar per page per color copy. Go B&W.


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You only put out 35 fliers in an hour. You need to walk faster

Back when I had to advertise. I never left fliers at the door pr hanging on the mailbox.

I mailed everything makes you look more professional. I mail 10,000 a year for the first 3 years, after that never advertised again.

All of our buss. now comes from word of mouth

Trevors Lawn Care

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Whether or not it looks unprofessional it is cost effective. Not everyone can afford a mailing list of 10000. I just graduated high school and spent 10k+ on equipment, It is cost effective and nice to spend $50 on 1000 copies. It worked.



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i should have been more specific. was referring to Trevor placing them on/in/or around the mailboxes.

if anyone is interested
spells it out clearly. if it aint stamped, it don't go.

and for those really bored people, here is a big study on changing that law. i got tired head trying to read it but it sounds like the public doesnt want it changed (go figure)


as for flyers on the door, i am looking into it. i did one street to get the feel down and it just didnt feel right. think i am gonna have to pay someone to do mass handouts and i will target people on the street i can approach.

Trevors Lawn Care

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IT IS NOT ILLEGAL TO PLACE AN ADVERTISING ON THE MAILBOX. As long as you do not "disrupt the flow of mail". My mother works for the USPS......I KNOW.

It works well to place ads on mailbox or in the news box.