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  1. slapshotmike24

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    I was wondering what you guys reccomend for advertising. I put out flyers but have not gotten many calls. I was thinking about putting an ad in the local classifieds but I'm not sure? I am using a 48" bobcat and echo trimmers and blowers, and all the stuff i need to handle a few contracts. What do you think i should do??
  2. twins_lawn_care

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    Keep on trying.
    put flyers on car windows on saturday morning at the grocery store. People have a lot to do, and the thought of having someone else do their lawns pops in their heads, they think "hey, if he does the lawn, I have more time to go shopping, etc."
    try making a few different flyers, and keep track of which ones get calls.
    The key is to keep trying different ideas, until you stumble on ones that work the best for you.
  3. robert fling

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    i am in the lawn care business part time right now. full time i do....yup you guessed it advertising. there are many ways to get customers. flyers DO work, but you have to remember that if you hand out 500 flyers get 10 calls and convert 5 of those calls to customers you are doing well. ads in papers can be very expensive, and for many people it doesnt have a good return on your dollar. word of mouth is excellent advertising, maybe some of your existing customers will let you put a sign with your phone number on it on their lawn. that way when people drive by they will see it. also, and i have to say this because so many people DONT do this its not even funny, make sure you have a sign with your company name and your phone number on your truck or trailer, after all its a rolling billboard. if you have any other questions please feel free to ask. good luck
  4. ParadiseSettings

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    A guy I worked for got most of his lawns by contacting local real estate agents. A well maintained landscape is on the market for 3 weeks (on average) less then a poorly maintained one. He went to the reators and asked if they had any homes that needed extra attention. In a few cases the realtor actually paid for the cuts. Then when the house was sold he picked up the contract to cut for the new home owner.

    Look in to real estate websites for the stats you will need before you talk to them.

  5. robert fling

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    great idea, in addition to that i have done work for some of the local fire stations. they never had a problem with me putting a sign up, and some of the members have even become customers.
  6. Team Gopher

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    Hi slapshotmike24,

    Have you handed out flyers to houses in your area that you want to service? Maybe do it on weekends when you can meet the residents as well?
  7. mirgefertilizing

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    Hey guys new member here....As for advertising WHATEVER you do do not go with Val-pak...I spent over $1200.00 thru them and have gotten about $400.00 worth of work out of the deal....I have found that flyers and yard signs are your best bet...Good luck
  8. kathyu

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    I liked robert flings idea of signage in your customers yards...but if they don't want one there on a permanent basis, how about just putting one up while your there working....
    Fliers are great to....track which ones work best!
  9. EastProLawn

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    Flyers have always work great for me, but also talking to friends and relatives helps out quite a bit. Any chance you get can always lead to more work ( the Ripple effect ) Ask a friend or relative to let you do some work on their property, this way you get exposure and experience.
  10. number1dad

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    I am new to this site, however, I have been in business for four years. I have also found it productive to leave a business card at the gas pumps, restaurants, or any other establishment. I have turned several clients from just a simple business card at the pumps.

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