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  1. Mark McC

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    Yeah, sorry about losing track of that inquiry.

    I'm with Landscaper on this. I"m not sure I'll get to 3 waves of flyers, but I've been looking at a hit next week, a second distribution in the second week of March, and one more hit the fourth week of March.
  2. tonygreek

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    Mark, I hereby knight you:
    Sir Mark "Call To Action" McC Of D.C.

    i'll assume you just have "needs a call to action" on your copy'n paste clipboard? :)
  3. Mark McC

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    Oh, God, another wiseacre. Actually, what my flyers will say is "Okay, meatballs, you need to call me right now, sign up for the most incredibly overpriced service imaginable, and thank me even if I screw up royally."

    Tony, I've been wondering when you'd chime in. Your coffee maker doing alright?
  4. packerbacker

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    I assume it was your dyslexia that made you switch my name around. Either that or you were trying to be cute. Mission NOT accomplished. Anyway...

    I know what you have been trying to say along and I completely disagree with it. Ill put it as simple as I can. 99& of customers are looking for a certain thing. Wether its mowing, fertilizing, aerating, landscaping or cleanups. When they pick up a flyer they want to see what a company offers so they can make a choice. They dont want to take the time to call up 10 different people to see if they offer what they are looking for. People are lazy. This is really quite simple to understand.

    The common person who hires us does not know what a basic to comprehensive lawn service is. How would they know? I explained this before and apparently it went right over your head. If you put both flyers on a door and mine was a nice glossy page with a picture of one of my houses with fresh stripes and nice landscaping and it itemized what services i offered with my name and phone number and yours was a piece of typing paper that had your name and # and it said "basic lawn care" I guarantee they are going to call me first. 9 out 10 people will find mine more appealing and more professional and want to hire me.

    And I never said my customers were stupid. If I did could you provide the post where i said " my customers are stupid"? I guarantee i never said. When i said "dummy things up" I meant sometimes you have make things basic for people to understand. What I'm writing now is a PERFECT example of that.

    And your correlation between putting out a crappy flier such as yours and people that just want mowing, trimming and blowing makes no sense at all. Most of my customers are just mowing but it has nothing to do with a flyer. People dont know what a basic lawn service is. I have new customers all the time that ask me if edge the sidewalks or blow off the driveways. They just dont know what "basic" means and thats exactly the reason you have to explain it to them.

    As I said earlier we all of different ways of doing things. I dont agree with yours. Mine has worked well for years now and Ill continue to do. This is a forum to learn different things from people and try new ideas. So instead of you bashing people right off the bat open up and maybe you'll learn something.
  5. Mark McC

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    I still don't understand how anything you keep saying really supports your case, but that's just me and my close-minded way of doing things.

    By the way, saying that you have to "dummy things up" for your prospective customers is tantamount to calling them dummies, period. There is just no avoiding that fact. It was your choice of words, not mine.

    "People are lazy. This is really quite simple to understand." Once again, you display a contempt of others. Are they lazy or are their lives just unbelievably cluttered? You seem inclined to argue the pejorative case. At the risk of repeating myself, I'll reiterate: It was your choice of words, not mine. It doesn't matter how hard you try to project this propensity onto me. The words are yours. If you can find a way to make me believe they're mine, great. So far, no go.

    Let me know when you're actually measuring response rates to your advertising methods and we can see exactly what sort of returns you're getting. After all, without the numbers, you really are not arguing anything at all, are you?
  6. packerbacker

    packerbacker LawnSite Bronze Member
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    How can you not understand it. Ive broken it down to a very basic thought process for you to do. Everything i just said proved my case for me on why you should itemize what you do on a flyer. The simple fact of the matter is you choose not open up and realize it thus leading you force yourself not to understand it.

    And your right they are my words. BUT YOU USED THE WORD "STUPID", and im still waiting for you to provide the proof that i used that word.

    Dont be so naive. People are lazy, its the way it is. If I was looking for a specific job to be done by an electrician such as having an outlet put in and I looked for an ad in the phone book. I would immediately call the guy who's ad let me know that he did that work instead of having to take the time to call someone who I didnt know if they did that specific job.

    Another example. I bought a new truck last year. Instead of drving around to 20 different lots and wasting my time not knowing if the lot had that truck i got on and found it first.

    People want things handed to them. The easier the better.

    As I stated before. Ive only advertised once. I dont need to. I work off of reputation and word and mouth. It seem to be working great for me. I base my posts not off of experience in handing out fliers but off of experience of life in general and knowing what people want.

    If you cant understand this by now and you continue to make things up about words i SUPPOSEDLY used then do it on your own time.
  7. Mark McC

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    Why not do it on your time, too? After all, I kinda enjoy that you're getting a real nasty wedgie from all this.

    "Dont be so naive. People are lazy, its the way it is." My, aren't you the great humanitarian? You have to dummy things up and people are lazy...and I'm naive.

    Do I possess any other character flaws you'd like to enlighten me about? I'm sure I could use more straightening out by a great human being like you.
  8. packerbacker

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    As usuall with most of your posts you have turned it into a pissing contest. You have proved me RIGHT by taking the thread and turning it away from what it was meant to be and into something personal.

    You do it the way you do and enjoy driving around in a 20 year old truck with a 36 inch mower. Obviously just by looking at your equipment and comparing it to mine my way is better.

    BTW im still waiting for your proof that i used the word "stupid". By you lying and making things up Ive already proved that im right. When a person has to lie to try to prove a point they have already lost.

    Have a nice weekend.
  9. Mark McC

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    Interesting that you've tracked my postings closely enough to ascertain that I typically turn things into a pissing contest. Nice to know I'm that important to you! :bday:

    You have a lovely weekend, too.
  10. packerbacker

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    LMAO, i noticed you didnt cut and paste the part of the post about you lying and making things up. Right there proved everything i have said about you is 100% right.

    Then you admit to being a 40 sum year old guy who sits around on a Sat morning enjoying annoying people on a message board.

    Wow, your quite a guy. I have a family and a life to spend the weekend with. See ya,

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