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  1. jcoat

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    Gentlemen. Please don't laugh too hard. I just had an idea regarding advertising on trailers. You know the advertising sponsors place on NASCAR cars, stadiums, billboards, etc. Why not do it on your trailer (that is if you have one with cage sides? It sounds far fetched, but think about this... you could sell space on your trailer for services, ex. cell phone minutes, advertising @ their business, free lubes, free equipment: oil, line, lube, etc. <br> I bring it up because I saw a Isuzu NPR with billboards last Winter and it appeared to be a good idea.<br> I know I opened a can of worms and left myself open for low-blows, but who knows...
  2. HOMER

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    I offered that to my tire dealer the other day! I told him that if he would &quot;hook me up&quot; with some chrome wheels for my trailer(for free of course) that I would put one of his decals on my trailer somewhere. I don't think he was too keen on the idea but I threw it out there anyway. Man I want some wheels for my trailer!!!!!!!!!<p>Homer
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    As soon as you figure out how to talk the manufacturers into paying you to advertise for them call me at 816-322-5296 and you can let me know your secret.<p>Its a good idea and I wouldnt doubt you might have guessed what might be going on in the future. Advertising is big and I think it would be smart for a manufacturer to be associated with a good lawn company.
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    I was looking for a new mower a few years ago and the local Ford dealer said he would knock another couple hundred off if I would put his stickers on my equipment so that people would see it when I did work. The deal went south when I bought a different brand. Very Few dealers are willing to put cash in your hand.
  5. CA Enterprises

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    Never thought about putting others on the trailer. I have a caged trailer and have magnetic signs for myself on the side. Who would you get to put signs on there though just the oil brands you use, fertilzer, equipment, tools? I wouldn't even know where to begin to ask. I certainly think it would be a great idea. It is kinda getting back to the bartering system. I would much rather give up something in return other than money!!!!!lol I hate writing out checks!!<p>Adam :)
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    Lighted signs and a searchlight too. The light can be used for mowing after dark. <br>I also considered this because I work with a bunch of firefighters that have other side businesses with trailers (roofing-construction-tree service) and we were gonna promote each other then the snow melted and we got too busy. I really think its a good idea.
  7. HOMER

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    If you had an enclosed trailer it would work even better. I know several hundred or thousand people see me every day in my travels. Seems like a good idea to me. I just saw a truck and trailer yesterday, the biggest sign on it was NASCAR, it caught my eye, the other lettering was HUSQVARNA MOWERS THE OFFICIAL MOWERS OF NASCAR. It got my attention, I guess he was delivering some equipment to my dealer who sells the mowers and trimmers.<p>Homer

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