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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dacker, Mar 5, 2005.

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    OK I know most of you people are full timers and you might even look down on me for this but here goes anyway. I bought an Exmark lazer hp 19 kaw. with 48" and mulch kit 2 days ago and pick it up this week. I just had a toro 44" 14hp WB given to me yes given to me for some trade off work type stuff and trust me I got the better end of the deal :p I also have a Stihl 85 trimmer. I am a welding instructor so I only work 186 days a year...... lots of off time :blob3: . I would like to help pay for this mower and maybe even make a little spare change during my time off. How much of a possibility is this or am I barking up the wrong tree?? And what is the best way to start and "drum up buisiness". I know some people will say the 48/19 is underpowered and I have done alot of research and trust me if I could have afforded bigger I would have gotten it but it was a sweet deal. I got it for $5999.00 havn't found anything to beat it around here. the 23/52 jumped to the $7000 range. Well any and I mean any imput is welcome. Thanks for the support or information I have gotten from you all so far. Dale
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    You wont have any problem working part time. I've done it for five years and it makes a nice side income. Tuff to give up the insurance and retirement for me and my full time job so I make due with about 15-20 accounts. The full timers will make fun of you at the begining but let your work speak for itself and eventully you will start taking the full timers customers. As far as the mower goes you can start with anything, heck I survived for years on a 48 belt with a 14 hp. You make due with what you can afford and your starting with a heck of a mower. Now i'm up to the 23 hp 52 Exmark wb and will probably never get rid of it. I have no desire to become full time and some desire to become bigger but my priorities dont allow for expansion so be happy with what you got. good luck
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    Actually I believe most on this site are part-time. Here is a few of my early morning rambling thoughts.

    1. Easiest way to get business is run an add in your local town paper for mowing. Now is a good time to start the add and run it until around April 15.

    2. Don't charge less that $25 but I would start out at $30 or it isn't worth your time.

    3. Report all your income and contact a CPA to get your business started related to taxes and other business paperwork.

    4. Get small business liability/property damage insurance so you are covered if you damage someones property or a person if get hit by something flying out of the mower.

    5. You will have overhead you never though about so you may think $25 is a lot of money but after overhead you may be making $15 an hour or less. (i.e. gas, insurance, equipment repairs, vehicle wear and tear).

    6. Report all your income from mowing. You never know when you will get audited. Do a search for 'audit' and you will see what I mean about reporting all your income.

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