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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Fox Fire, Jun 13, 2007.

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    I just submitted a bid on a school board property. The invitation to bid letter that I received gave all the specifications. The letter stated that all the bids had to be in the office by a specified date and time. I really did my home work on this one, spent a lot of time working up the bid. The day comes to open the bids. I arrived at the specified time. There were three other land scape companies represented. I slipped in and sat down. Two people from different companies were talking and one asked, so you do the property here? Which was different from the one that was being bid. The reply was "no, not yet". I thought that an odd response. So the bid opening starts. There were nine bids on the table, and were opened. At the end of this I was the low bid. Then we were informed one of the companies present, did not have their bid present, but it would be picked up later and be reviewed. We were free to go and could call back later to see what their bid was. Well guess who got the bid? You gussed it. The company who's bid wasn't present.
    Even if the bid is legit, the way it was presented stinks. Do I have any recourse? Any advice would be helpful.
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    If you want to pursue this, remember this was a school property. Around these parts, the low bidder has to get the contract when dealing with government property. But the process must be fair. It sounds as though the winning bidder should have been eliminated from the beginning since they already failed the deadline. If you go higher up the ladder, you may get some results.

    Good Luck with this and keep us informed.:)
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    I would walk away. Sounds like it's one of those "good ol boy" deals. The person who won the bid is probably a good friend or a relative of someone high up in the food chain. That being said- if you make a stink about it and end up with the job, nothing will ever be right. If you miss one grass blade they will be calling you. Miss blowing something off the sidewalk- ring ring! They will also bad mouth you the whole time.
  4. AGLA

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    You might write an anonymous letter to several of the town officials that this occurred. It is totally illegal.
  5. Stillwater

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    dont waist any of your time on this it is called somebody knew someone let it go
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    It only happens because no one says anything. You won't get this contract, but you can make it harder for it to happen again. If heads roll, not only will that town have to cautious, but the others in your area will be also.

    The good ole boy network only happens when it is well hidden. The other politicians in town can not have that get out without showing they are doing something about it.

    An anonymous call to the local paper would open it up. Then they will do the investigating. Reporters want to be heroes and have incentive.

    The short term out come for you will only be satisfaction that you burned the guys who burned you and you did your civic duty.

    If you do nothing, don't whine when it happens again.
  7. Focal Point Landscapes

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    I agree with agla.
  8. AGLA

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    Honestly, you should have called them on it on the spot. I think you would have the contract if you did that.
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    Well this is basicly what happened to me 2 yr ago on a school mowing contract. I was wanting it because it would provide work for me to expand and run an entire seperate independant second crew. Anyway they changed the bid packet after they had handed some out. Well 2 companies did not go back and get a new packet. They added some sq ft to the second about 100000sq ft. Anyway they open all the bids 1 guy was lower then me and significantly. They started looking and turns out he got the packet with smaller sq anyway they took his bid divided by the small amount of sqft to get his price per sq ft and then made a new bid based on the larger sq ft he knew he wouldnt get it if they used that bid so he said he would still do it for his original price. Anyway half way through the summer he ran out of money for gas his truck broke down and the schools 20 sites in all did not get mowed. I could have raised a big deal but o well man its a school system what are you going to do. Loest price wins no matter what

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