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    I resently compiled my first contract from several that I've seen here and in other places. Let me know if you think it's complete. Any sugestions, comments, advice, or critisim is welcome.

    Castleton Lawn Care Proposal/Service Agreement
    city state zip

    client name
    client address
    city state zip

    Attention: client name

    Subject: 1 year Lawn Maintenance Proposal/Service Agreement.

    Season: April 1, 2003 - November 15, 2003 Approximately 30 visits.

    Price Quote:

    Mission Statement: Castleton Lawn Care is committed to providing the highest quality service at a fair price and is devoted to exceeding the client's expectations through thoroughness, promptness, experience, and value. This service agreement is designed to help simplify the process through the ease of complete understanding and agreement in all aspects of our service. And by signing up now you will lock in these rates for the year and won't be subject to price increases over the year for various reasons, or added charges for tall grass, doubles cuts, or wet grass.

    Lawn Maintenance Description: Turf areas will be mowed to a height of no less than two and three quarter inches and no more than four inches, unless otherwise instructed. Sidewalk, driveway and curb areas will be edged, if desired, and on the agreed upon schedule. Property (around trees, building and fence line, etc.) shall be line trimmed during each visit as needed. Walkways, patios, and parking areas shall also be blown free of grass clippings each visit.

    Lawn Maintenance Terms: Castleton Lawn Care shall make reasonable efforts to provide weekly scheduled visits. In the event of inclement weather Castleton Lawn Care will reschedule the visit as soon as possible and regularly scheduled visits will resume. In the event of drought conditions, unless instructed otherwise, Castleton Lawn Care will continue on the regular schedule, unless deemed unnecessary.

    Billing: Client will receive nine monthly invoices. Eight invoices will be billed to the client on or about the 15th of the preceding month, and due no later than the15th of the billed month (ie.May's bill will be sent out around April 15 and is due not later than May 15. The ninth and final invoice will be billed out to the client after the final cut of the season and/or the final service visit for leaf removal, fall cleanup, ect. The final bill will also be adjusted for visits over/under 30 cuts for the season, but with 28 minimum visits.

    Payment Terms: Net 30 days. The client agrees to pay the monthly bill in full, by the 15th of the billed month. A 5% or $5.00 late fee (which ever is higher) will be applied to the next billed invoice if payment is not received on time, and all visits shall cease if payment is not received by the 30th of the billed month.

    Agreement: By signing this agreement the client understands and accepts these terms provided to you by Castleton Lawn Care. Castleton Lawn Care agrees to perform the tasks outlined in this agreement.

    Cancellation: Either party may terminate this agreement with a 30 day advance written notice. In the event of cancellation, a final invoice will be sent to the client 15 days after notification for balance due. Void if commercial account.

    Please sign and return one copy and feel free to contact (my name) with any questions or concerns at the above phone number.

    ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ________________
    Client Signature: Client Signature (Print): Date:

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