Advice/Feedback on Bad Boy for South East

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gamowerman, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. gamowerman

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    I am located in Marietta, GA, and a friend of mine currently sells Walker Mowers. We've been talking about picking up Bad Boy Mowers to add to our equipment line up. I am looking to find out: How the machines hold up commercially? Has anyone had any major problems? Pros/Cons of the machine? If anyone in GA, AL, TN, or SC is interested in purchasing if we pickup the line?

    We are trying to cover all bases and find out everything before we take a risk on a new company like this. Please be honest and let us know your opinion of the equipment. (We can not carry exmark, scag, or toro due to other dealers, and do not want dixie or everride). We are solely looking for opinion and feedback regarding the Bad Boy line.
  2. Travis Followell

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    Why don't you want Dixie?

    I have drove a Bad Boy around the dealers lot and thats about it. It felt very solid when I drove it and they seem to be built good and designed good.
  3. ince8728

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    what about bobcat and or ferris?

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