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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by letzgoblues, Mar 8, 2012.

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    I have never given a bid for a subdivision and now have the opportunity. I would like some advice or feedback on the best way to do this. I know the basics of estimating the time it will take but are there any other things I should consider? Thanks in advance
  2. imow in NC

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    Messages: 59 many questions for this. What is your role in the care of the subdivision?
    Are you responsible for all aspects of lawn care?
    How many homes?
    How large are the lots?
    Common Areas?
    Turf types and proper IPM for each?
    Most Important.....

    Do they want prime rib work for potted meat money?
    are they going to pay of 15 day net/30/60/90? All these should play into the mix.
  3. mikeclfc

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    my advice to you is bid low, housing associations always are looking to save money and the sub division i bidded on last year was the same way. the guy cut it for 28,000/yr which was very low anyway, i tried to shave a little bit off the price but there wasnt much room to go lower on the price as it was quite a bit of work. they ended up staying with the people they had last year as my price was similar to theirs and they did a good job last year and ened up keeping the contract. i know for the same contract other companies bid 50,000+ and the H.A laughed at them. you need to make money but i dont think over bidding will help in H.A.

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