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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ShorterGrass, Jul 9, 2013.

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    I live in south central Alabama. It has rained almost constantly for over two weeks. All of my accounts are done bi-weekly and the grass is getting close to 18 inches in two weeks. I have a craftsman yts3000, with 22hp and it will not cut this grass. I am having to spend almost twice as much time on them than I was at the beginning of the season. I sharpened the blades, Ive tried new blades, Ive cut low, Ive cut high. The only way I can cut it is to crawl over it, or go over it twice.

    Any ideas on how to speed things back up?
  2. gdguth

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    I would say cut high, tell the customers you need to mow weekly, at least for the time being and maybe think about purchasing a commercial mower if you are planning on doing this business for the long run.
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    18" is pretty tall. Would require a double, maybe a triple cut anyways. Weekly cuts are the way togo, and even then some properties need to be cut more than that. I would get as many as I could on a weekly schedule to avoid this headache in the future.
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    This may sound like a bad idea but what about renting a commercial mower from a dealer for a day or two or borrowing a friends commercial mower if you have a friend that could let you use/rent his backup mower to cut your biggest most overgrown yards?

    It might eat up a lot of your earnings for a week or two but would greatly help you get them back under control, especially if you're having to mow at a really slow pace just to get them cut, plus it will save a lot of wear on your noncommercial mower also.----just an idea that might work for you.

    Good luck and let us know you did after you get this issue resolved.:)
  5. White Gardens

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    Better yet, go to a dealer and say you wan to demo a mower for a week....

  6. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    That's what a guy did once here back in 93 rained for 2 weeks his mower couldn't mow his accounts so he demo a bigger mower
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    Don't do that if you don't have any intention of purchasing, that's just bad business. (unless you have a really sucky dealer in the area!):laugh: That would be like someone asking you to cut their yard for a month without pay to see how you would do, knowing they were never gonna hire you.

    Like others have said above, going to have to cut it multiple times and not cut your final cut as low as you usually do.
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    I'd look for a used commercial mower- especially if you know how to do repairs, ect on it. I get along just fine with used.. but you need to know what to look at as far as wear points-understand certain noises- and of course commercial verses said commercial. There always is a percent of risk as far as internal fatige (like my body) but look for a used WB and look it over real good or take a mechanic along and go from there. You can get great deals on used. I started with a used 'parts' machine' I got for $60. About $75 in repairs and used it for 6 years with not one once of trouble. (Scag SW36) I took care of it well and it was just a real work horse. It also pulled me on a velke at times and I was 220#. Sold it in perfect running shape. just my opinion- keep the tractor for home or 1 more but use a commercial on the bulk of mowing.
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    When the grass is THAT high, use hi-lift style blades while staying away from lo-lifts and Gator-type blades. Basically you want the cut grass OUT from the cutting area ASAP with minimal processing of the cut grass. Yes, you will need to double or triple cut to provide a better appearance. Most folks are aware that their lawn is not going to look pristine in those conditions...and that you are basically providing a utility/bare-bones service until conditions improve.
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    #1 reason why I don't do bi-weekly cuts.
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