Advice for Earth Stripping with 72" Bucket

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by vvanherk, May 16, 2008.

  1. vvanherk

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    Hey All.

    I'll be demoing an ASV SR80 on the weekend with a 72" Bucket. No other attachments were available.

    One little project I want to do is expand the horses riding area.

    It is a 60x80 piece of land on the edge of our hay field. The wife wants me to add 12' to each dimension, making it 72x92. It is just screenings on top of clay. The existing top soil that was there was stripped by a dozer a few years back.

    There is plenty of room to navigate around, and a few loads of screenings are being dropped off today.

    So, really just asking for some tips on the best way to strip the topsoil that is there, etc. I'm sure there are a lot of ways to go about it, but I'd rather learn from those who are experienced.

    Is it best to just push it 12', make a long pile, and then go back and scoop it away? Should I go lenghtways, fill a bucket, and then go pile it somewhere?
    How many inches deep do I need to go (or just till I hit the clay). Also, any tips of the trade for laying the screenings down nice and even... I do have an old tractor with a blade on the back that can do a little grading.

    Thanks for listening the the noobie questions. I've operated various machines over the course of my years, but not really specific this type of thing, so any input appreciated. I'm pretty good with computers, so feel free to ask me some questions about that :)

  2. bobcat_ron

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    Pushing is so much more fun if you do it right, make multiple passes in the same spot until you get to the right depth and move over 2 feet, that's the way the big dozers, or in the case of the ASV, stop pushing when the dirt piles up against the front door.
  3. BrandonV

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    ain't that the truth the first grading job i did w/ our 287b i got going and accidently filled the cab w/ dirt, it just piled right up... and of course I don't have cab so it came right in. I'll have a cab on my next one though.
  4. SiteSolutions

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    A few years ago, when I was a little less experienced, I was scraping up some concrete where a mixer had cleaned out, and a large piece failed to break up... it rode right up the side of my bucket like a ramp. I stopped before it came into the cab with me but not before it had wrecked one of the high dollar hydraulic quick disconnects.:cry:

    Funny how experience teaches patience.
  5. machineaholic

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    I have a Case 95xt, what a beast of a machine! I just bought it from a Richie Brothers Auction bac in march and am working on repairing the little things that are wrong. the current problem is there are no breaks, and it sucks when you park on a slight hill and cant put the bucket down. anyone know how to fix this? also does anyone know where the plug is for me to take out to change the oil? its getting kinda black =[ Do you think i should use synthetic or the fossil oil in this machine? it has like 4,600 hrs on it.

    Thanks guys all suggestions will be appreciated!
  6. dozerman21

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    Congrats on the machine, but you need to start a separate thread for this topic so it gets viewed and you don't hi-jack the original topic.

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