Advice for learning how to quote landscaping?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by AllAmericanLawnLandscape, Mar 6, 2019.

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    Doing simple mulching, and planting jobs. Any tips on learning how to quote and all the common plant names?
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    I have a set price on my mulch it cost me 30 at the supplier I charge 75 a yard installed it includes delivery and spreading. That's what I can get in my area there are probably other who get twice that. Planting price it at your time to dig plant and backfill. I still have trouble pricing that. Again for every new guy on here my prices and everyone's prices are different it's what the market allows in your area.
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    Mulching is pretty straight forward.

    Plant installs, on the other hand, include a lot of variables. Without getting too long winded, it seems there are two main ways of pricing plant installs.

    A). Percent of plant cost (with minimum value)
    Example: Using a “50% formula”. Delivery and install is equal to 50% of a plants cost. So, $100 tree x 50% = $50 installed. So $150 total.
    B). Based on container size.
    Example: 1 gallon: $15, 3 gallon: $25

    Or, possibly a variation of the two.

    Some guys offer plant guarantees (typically 1-2 years), some don’t.

    Sometimes a job might require the use of additional materials (compost, fertilizer, root stimulant, tree stakes, etc.), some don’t.

    Some things to consider.
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    @360team before your response, to which i do like.. i was thinking in the lines of 20% mark up on the plant in question, and time to plant it. So if my hourly rate say was 60.00 per hour and i say that it would take me 15 minutes to plant said plant. Then if a wholesale shrub was 30.00 dollars, my mark up on that shrub is 6.00 dollars and it takes me 15 minutes to get it in the ground sans any other needs for that plant.. then my charge for that plant installed would come to 51.00 dollars
  5. 360team

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    Nothing wrong with that. I feel like that is a fairly common practice among most companies.

    In my experience the plants themselves is the best and easiest area of the installs to make your money. The key is finding a trusted grower in your area that likes dealing with commercial guys. The one I like using the most uses a progressive discount system for commercial companies. Example: everyone gets 20% off, once you spend over $1000 in plants from them, you start getting 25% off all future purchases, etc. This is a cumulative system that has no expiration/reset period.

    Assuming you keep all your discounts (charge customer full retail), you can make a good chunk of change on the plants themselves. Of course, how much you can actually charge will depend on your area and what other companies charge. Bigger companies often get bigger discounts, so they are able to offer plants at a cheaper cost to edge out the little guys.
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