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Advice for new string trimmer


LawnSite Member
central illinois
I am going to purchase a new string trimmer and after reading some excellent info here have pretty much decided on Stihl. I really like the balance of the FS 80 but really need to be able to use a blade occassionally. Anybody replaced the cable drive in the FS 80 with a steel drive? I thought the FS 90 felt really motor heavy and I am not quite sure about the 4 Mix, although I have read on here that a lot of guys really like them. Also, what is the most trouble free string head for the Stihl? The Stihl dealer (also carries Echo) is the closest dealer to me. There is a Shindaiwa dealer in town, and I have found a dealer that lists Red Maxx that I will call before making a final decision. This will be for home use, but I want a dependable and trouble free unit.
Thanks in advance for your advice.


LawnSite Member
middle georgia
stihl is tough! and good service too. have an older stihl trimmer about 8 years old still running! my husky trimmer is lighter and balanced better ; good dealer support is important; no more husky dealers in town though


LawnSite Fanatic
well i just went shopping for a new stihl trimmer, we had one fs-80 which i love, so i took a look at the fs-100 4-mix and hated it, felt heavy and if you look at the specs its like .3 more hp, lol also it didn't wind out as much as the fs-80, so we bought a second fs-80.