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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by flying_a, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. flying_a

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    I guess the lco's down here dont use forums or they dont habla english. Anyways, Its been raining on and off here in south TX. Grass is growing like crazy, and there are lco's on every corner. I could really use some advise on how to land commercial accounts. ex..Fast foods, shopping centers, churches. i have been reading the papers and doing google search and come up with zilch looking for some leads of when bid are going to take place. I guess marching in to one of the offices and give the old sale pitch a try is what its going to take. Any advise?
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    No habla ingles, eh? If you're looking at malls, talk to the management of the stores & see who their management co is. If HOA's, you can typically just look in the phone book & track down the #. Just about everything else has a maintenance manager or somebody in charge to speak to. Stop in & make an appointment, don't expect to talk to them immediately or bother them if they are busy.
  3. flying_a

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    Hey thanks carcrz, I'm just starting out part time now but hope to grow into something I can do full time. I will definetly give what you suggested.

    p.s. hope that no habla joke doesnt get takent the wrong way, i am a mex American.


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