advice for trimming roses

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Rrjp111, Nov 3, 2004.

  1. Rrjp111

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    i llive in south louisiana. i need to know how to trim back climbing roses.
  2. geogunn

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    DON'T DO IT LIKE I DID a customers earlier this summer.......

    I used a HOMELITE STRAIGHT SHAFT TRIMMER after being scarred for life by the darned things.

    I think you just trim them back to a nice height but cut the trim on an angle.

    my roses are beautiful and that is what I do.

  3. dishboy

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    You do not prune climbers like other roses, remove dead and weak canes, and thin to a reasonable number of canes if the plant is real dense and numerous crossing stems, and make cuts to direct growth in the direction you want to train but DO NOT cut back like a normal rose. leave just a little shorter than you want the plant to be during the summer.
  4. Rrjp111

    Rrjp111 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the advice about the roses it was alot of help. I didn't think trimming them with the stihl would be a go idea. :cool:

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