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    Hi there I'm from Puerto Rico and the weather is pretty nice here, you can mow year-round with a slight decline around february-march and then again around june due to grass getting slammed by the sun (and people not using irrigation).

    I'm looking for advice from LCO that are in PR -or similar climate (Florida?)-on how many times per month do you mow. Here the norm among residentials is once a month and the going rate varies between 20-40 depending on neighborhood. I have one account that is twice a month, but this was at the request of the client and not on my recommendation. Lawns rarely have any irrigation and most owners never water so growth depends mostly on rain. Most residential lawns take from 1 hour to 1 hour and a half. How often would you guys do these lawns? Would you do a 40/month lawn for 20-25/biweekly?

    So far I have been doing good with the once a month cut because I am a college student, all lawns are in a 5 minute or less drive from my house and the type of grass is mostly centipede which doesn't grow tall fast, but I am planning on expanding to full-time gradually and this may make it more difficult as I have to find a lot more accounts to make more money.

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