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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by tamadrummer, Sep 29, 2007.

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    I am brand new to the field and will be launching my business within the next 2 weeks. For the past 2 months I have been going on the road with 2 friends that have been willing to mentor me. Their wives watch my son and I give them a full days work. In turn, I get a full load of knowledge as to how to edge beds and line trim without scalping and mow on banks in retention ponds, repair irrigation as well as how to bid while you are starting out.
    If you have the time before starting your own business, or if you have started your own business, and can swallow your pride, it has been the best experience I could ask for since I truly had no clue that I needed to carry sprinkler parts with me or that I would be running through an edge blade every couple of days or so. Nor did I know that I would need to keep an extra set of blades with me the day I leave the dealer along with a belt for each mower. They won't probably tell this info to you but it will either be trial by fire or get some much needed info before you are set up for a lost day of work for a dumb belt or a broken sprinkler that you have to go to back and forth to the hardware store for each part. I hope this helps, and I hope that some of the new guys that are already out there working that have had some set backs will share them here so that those of us that are also either not yet out there or are just starting out can prepare for the same.

    As far as my gear, I will have by the end of this week:
    John Deere
    G15 36" WB gear drive
    717A 48" ZTR
    (Used 21" Honda harmony HRT)

    XT140LE Straight Shaft Line Trimmer
    XT140SELE Stick Edger
    XT140SBLE Split boom: pole saw/hedge trimer
    BP45LE Back Pack Blower

    5x14 tandem trailer open

    Green Fleet package from our local John Deere Dealer in Dade City.
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    I do agree, by all means if some fellow Lco's are willing to show you the ropes, do it for as long as you can.
    I did, it eventually got to where I HAD to do it on my own, then I knew I was ready.

    Not quite :laugh:
    But that's about how it went.

    By the way, hang around here, you'd be surprised at what this place holds in storage.
    Millions of posts, quite a bit of digging to get down to what you need, but
    I found this place my 3rd year and I was like omg look at what I've been missing.

    Best of luck to you.
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    it's kind of late to start..... I would advise you to check out everything you will need to start up....

    file a DBA, get insurance, check advertisement prices, figure out who your target customers will be, plan for expanshion...

    what will happen if you get 25 customers in 1 day, then you blow the engine in your truck? ...........what then?
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    Great way to start. This will save you alot of time and work in the long run. If I knew 20 years ago what I know now, I'd be dangerous. You would be amazed the amount of people who have been in it for years who STILL do things that cause more no set pattern for trimming, lack of knowledge of techniques, etc..

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