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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Humble Earth Mover, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. Humble Earth Mover

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    I just got a job that is going to be a patio area for a hot tub. It's going to be a 12' radius circle with a 9x9 raised square for the hot tub. Customer wants me to take care of everything except the actual hot tub. We need to have GFI run as well. Has anyone done this before and can give some advice. Should we pour a slab for the hot tub? Any extra considerations needed for pumps, electric, etc.


  2. poolboy

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    Is this a portable hot tub (where everything is self contained within the hot tub)? If so, then you need to find out what type they are going to buy. Because most models are permanently hard wired to a 220v sub panel. There are some 220/115 convertible models.

    Or, is the equipment separate and you just need help picking out what type of equipment to use?
  3. forestfireguy

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    How raised is the raised area.........?
  4. Humble Earth Mover

    Humble Earth Mover LawnSite Member
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    I'm not sure about the specifics for the hot tub. I will find out tomorrow. The pad is only going to be a step up, so 8" max. The hot tub will be installed by the dealer. I only need to provide an area for the hot tub to set on and find an electrician to install a GFI outlet, which is for the hot tub and for some lighting. Should I set it on a concrete pad? How thick? Anything else to be wary about?
  5. mrusk

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    You can set it on pavers. Just make sure they are level! No pitch! Its proably cheaper to set it on pavers if you are doing other pavers on the same job. If you were just setting the hot tub and leaving, i'd tell you to do concrete then.
  6. Picture Perfect Pavers

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    Do not put the hot tub on pavers prepared the icpi way.The hot tubs dont disperse their weight evenly along the whole bottom of the unit. They are framed and only the frame carries the weight. If the pavers sink along one frame and the others heave the unit can crack. Too much can go wrong and how can you make a repair? Pour a concrete slab and lay the pavers on top if anything, but why lay pavers under the unit its waste of money? Concrete is in no way anymore expensive than pavers. A yard of concrete 4000 psi costs me $100.00 picked up in my dump truck and it covers 80 square feet at 4 inches. 80 square feet of an average paver cost $200.00 dollars. Why do a circle kit, you will at best only see an outer ring and they cost more than any paver? I would wait until the hot tub is delivered. Put it in place frame a concrete slab under its frame then step down the concrete (like a brick shelf) so the top of paver is even with the bottom of the frame, to complete the design and lay the srw and pavers on top of everthing. you will be done in 2 days .
    1st day dig ,frame everything and pour it.
    2nd day lay srw and pavers.
    3rd day finishing touches

    Keep in mind srw heights and paver height if you are making a step. The concrete shelf will have to be lower to accomodate the height of the srw. you can make up the height of the pavers with 3/4 blend and or sand.

    Find out where the electric is in the unit and put a piece of conduit sticking up throught the slab and have a 90 with a piece of pipe goimg towards the electrical source. Bury it 36 inches. Who cares what happens from there protect your self and bury the conduit. Make sure on the propsal the customer is responsible for All Permits. Good Luck
  7. MarcusLndscp

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    Check your local codes.....your sub panel and tub have to be a certain distance from each other. I believe it's 10 feet for us but check what it is in your area to be sure
  8. Picture Perfect Pavers

    Picture Perfect Pavers LawnSite Member
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    This is true the shut off breaker (sub panel) out side(for repairs and or maintenance) has to be in sight of the unit and no more then 25 feet away. I believe it may even be closer footage wise but certain it must be in sight of the unit. Sorry I forgot about that.
  9. Humble Earth Mover

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    Boy, three days would be nice! It's a bit more involved though. I was out this weekend and shot my heights. I'm still up in the air about the design details, but per your suggestions, I will be pouring a slab for the hot tub. I need to build a descending set of steps to a lower patio roughly 12' radius or so. (doesn't have to be a true circle) Hot tub is going to sit on the slab, but be offset on the patio. Patio will be a continuation of the existing patio. I'm debating on a few details.

    1) The steps down. I was originally wanting to do natural stone slabs with boulder accents. Do you think this will look out of place given the existing patio? What do you think will work aesthetically? I'm thinking if not slabs, then perhaps wall block capped with blue stone?

    2) The customer wants me to split that little accent wall and have the entrance to the lower pad go through there. (where the burning bush are) I'm debating on taking them around the upper side to have more of a descend. Any thoughts?

    3) The customer wants to do lattice privacy screens on either side of the patio. I just can't picture this looking good. I originally wanted to do double sided arcing knee walls, but he saw some lattice work while on vacation and wants me to imitate it, but doesn't have a picture. (go figure!) He doesn't want to do shrubs for privacy. Any other suggestions?

    I have a budget of $20-25K which has to include having the electric run, minor landscaping and low voltage lighting, plus the slab for the hot tub. This is a 3million dollar house in a plush neighborhood. I have the job, I just need to make it "showcase" worthy. Any ideas...exotic or otherwise? What would you do given the budget?

    As you can see in the pics, the grade drops pretty dramatically. The height difference from the existing patio to about 25' beyond is 5 feet.

    Also, I will check into the codes regarding the sub panel. Would've never thought of that. THANKS!! And the hot tub is portable, self contained and square in shape.

    Picture 123.jpg

    Picture 129.jpg

    Picture 131.jpg
  10. Picture Perfect Pavers

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    I have in the past built raised patios with a jucuzzi sunk in on three sides. The front remained open for service and due to the control panels. It appears your elevation might work. I particulary like it when the seat of the Jacuzzi is even with the patio height. This way when someone enters or exits there is no drop off. They stand on the seat and lift their leg over the wall and their leg goes on the patio. They just straddle the jacuzzi wall. They are standing upright both feet are at the same elevation one in one out of the jacuzzi plus it seems sunken in and more private.

    With that said if you are going to remove that seat wall or split it and you can get a 18 to 24 inch drop you might get it to work. Its endless fire pit and the works. Good luck

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